Hardy Garden


The Hardy PTO maintains the garden beds next to the main entrance.


The garden committee organizes multiple planting and garden maintenance days per year when students and caregivers are invited to participate.


Spring Planting 2023

The Hardy Garden gained an array of native and native-cultivar perennials and fun annual plants this May, thanks to donations to the PTO and the efforts of our volunteers. All plants were chosen because they support pollinators and are drought-tolerant once established.


Some of these include: spotted bee balmbutterfly weedlittle bluestemshowy goldenrodpale purple coneflowerlance leaf coreopsiswoodland sunflower, and grapefruit yarrow.


The Hardy Garden Committee Coordinator is Alham Saadat. For more information, please contact her at garden@hardypto.com.




Hardy in the Spring:




Bulb planting in the Fall: