hardy pto agenda minutes


Hardy PTO September Meeting



Welcome and Introductions


Principal’s Report (Kate Peretz): Thanked the PTO and all parent volunteers for their help. Mentioned the shifts this year with the earlier arrival time and switch to Wednesday early release day. Curriculum Night is coming up September 22nd, so caregivers will get a chance to learn more about the school and curriculum. This event will be in person, which it hasn’t been in a few years. 


Teacher Representative Report (Emily Vecchione): First several weeks of school are about building community, reviewing and practicing routines and expectations, and slowly adding in curriculum. Classrooms are beginning to create classroom rules, all centered around the Hardy motto. 

  • From Katrina: Teacher reimbursement forms can be found online through the Hardy PTO website. All forms and receipts can be sent through email to Nancy Zimmermann, rather than putting hard copies in the PTO mailbox.


Treasurer Report (Nancy Zimmermann): Projecting about $48,000 in expenses for this year. Surplus was $40,000 at the beginning of the year and we hope to have around $20,000 in the bank going into next year. This surplus is because of the COVID years, where we weren’t using money for field trips and enrichment. Discussed the need to increase the amount allocated for field day, as porta potties were expensive and necessitate a higher amount. People requested line items for the DIG Library, DIG, and the Green Team. Budget was approved during the meeting.


Recap and Thank You:

  • Teacher’s Lunch: 
  • School Supplies: PTO donated about $4000 worth of school supplies to help offset the cost of school supplies for families. 
  • Book Walk: Thank you to parent volunteers for laminating the book walk on the Lake Street playground. 


Committee Reports:

  • Fundraising (Emma Lockwood): Planning on Harvest Fest, possibly Saturday, October 1st from 1-4PM. Maxima shopping day is scheduled for December 8th.
  • Enrichment (Ellen P/Laura S/Katey S): Last year was the first year bringing back field trips. This year, the Enrichment team has written down detailed notes about planning field trips and will oversee the enrichment program. They are looking for one volunteer for each grade to do the booking of field trips. Should take 6-10 hours for the entire year, since detailed notes and a checklist will be given. 
  • Communications (Chrissa Banner and Ann Marie Faust): Send any updates to both email addresses. There will be a joint Hardy email that will forward to both Chrissa and Ann Marie to be used for future use. There is a new software to help streamline the website and newsletter process, which has been easy to navigate so far. 
  • Garden Coordinator (Alham): Bulb planting day on October 2nd. More information to come.
  • DIG Update (Michi Kurata): 
  • SEPAC (Alison Babeu): Updated the meet and greet to Wednesday, September 28th. The first meeting is September 13th.


New Business:

  • Vote on expenditures- teachers/administrators made requests about items they would like to be purchased by the PTO. If all these are approved, our surplus at the end of the year will be about $10,000.
    • All of these were approved by vote at the meeting tonight
    • $4000 on emergency walkie talkies
    • $200 on red backpacks with first aid kit
    • $100 fidgets
    • $1350 wobble seats
    • $180 weighted lap pads
    • $200 wobble cushions
    • Kindergarten $600 cube chairs
    • ($6630 Total)
    • Kindergarten asked for ipad stands (consider that K received $900 in PTO funding for seat sacks in 2021-2022). Katrina or Kate will discuss with the kindergarten teachers to see if fewer stands can be purchased, since they will likely be used for centers. 
  • K Caregiver Social Date- Katrina will plan this for Monday, September 19th from around 8-8:45am.
  • Harvest Fest- Emma will be planning, Katrina will put in a facilities form for Saturday, October 1st.
  • Book Fair- Week of November 14th has been set aside by the Book Fair company. 
  • Print Calendar- Looking for volunteers to put this together (Ann Marie volunteered to help)
  • Spirit Wear Changes- Lisa Cleary was running the spirit wear program. Was very cumbersome the way it was set up, so looking for a way to streamline this. Teachers appreciate having the color system at field day to see who is in their class. Other than that, is there a reason to do one color per grade? Would colored pinnies be another option for field day? May try to sell off the remaining supply and then switch to an online shop that is open at the beginning and end of the year. Families can buy what they want, rather than needing it for a school event. Emily Vecchione- thinking about an alternative for field trips. Nice to have children in grade all in one color to be able to identify students easily. Will ask staff about their thoughts about it. 
  • Indigineous Peoples’ Day
  • Parent Social Events
  • December outdoor event?



September 19: K Caregiver Coffee/Hot Chocolate Chat

September 30, 2022:  School picture day

October 1,  2022 : Harvest Fest

October 10, 2022: Indigineous Peoples’ Day

November 14-18: Book Fair

December 8, 2022: Maxima Shopping Day


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