hardy pto agenda minuteS


Hardy PTO Meeting Agenda

November 16, 2023


INTRODUCTIONS - Name, role on the PTO, children’s grades



Emily Vecchione: Thank you for the monthly treat train. It’s a nice pick-me-up each month to look forward to. 

Kindergarten and first grade: studying weather. 1st grade- spent the week recording weather data

Second grade: Piloting a different version of the pebble, sand, and silt unit. During covid, more slide and video based. Now, bringing back hands-on activities. Erosion modeling.

Third grade: Social studies unit.

Susie Smith:

Fourth grade: Collaborating with the art teacher to create “character heads” as an end of unit project. 

Fifth grade: New EL curriculum. Engaged in talking about Esperanza Rising.

PE: Ms. Kenton had her baby! Ms. Kerrigan is filling in for her. Working on teamwork and sportsmanship. 

Library: Banned Books and discussing how to protest.

Music: Excited about the chorus rehearsals.




  • Direct Donation Drive (Becky, Mary-Beth)
  • Trunk or Treat (Mary-Beth, Rachel)
  • Pumpkin Rescue (Green Team)
  • Treat Train (Patsy)
  • Chateau Fundraiser (Mary-Beth)





  • Treasurer Report - Becky/Julia/Anthony


    • The PTO raised $30,800 and had 173 donations to the Direct Donation Drive.  Corporate matching trickles in later, but we did receive one match already.  The PTO will do a "flash donation drive" on Giving Tuesday as some folks are waiting for that day since their employer does matching only on that day. Our budget is looking good, but we currently don't have much room for extra expenditures or "asks" from the school if we want to keep 1/3 of the budget in savings ($18k).  We need this in savings at the end of the year to fund purchases before the 24-25 DDD begins (teacher stipends, school supplies, back to school night pizza for teachers, back to school event). 
    • One budget line to vote on is for the Rainbow Alliance - they would like to have crafts at their Pride event in the spring.  This usually fell under the DIG line, but I would like it to be separate.  Their spend is usually $200-300.  I vote yes to allow this. 
      • $200 was approved to be added for the Rainbow Alliance in the budget.
    • Julia has a request from Kindergarten (Mary Ellen - literacy coach) to vote on too for about $130.  While I vote yes, I wonder if we can try to get K parents to donate some of the supplies before PTO purchasing.  Perhaps we can send an email and post on Facebook.
      • Provisional vote to approve upon checking in with the kindergarten teachers. 




  • Communications - Welcome to Ashlin Bolton (VP of Communications- Social Media). Switched to a weekly newsletter format. Will continue to do a larger version of the newsletter monthly after the PTO meeting. We are looking for someone to take over the newsletter role. 
  • Enrichment
  • Assemblies: Laura S (Julia) 


      • Aiming for 2 assemblies and an author visit (for the 4th and 5th grades). Working with a booking agency to find things that fall in the right price point. Could we do a grant application through AEF or METCO for this?


  • Field Trips: Katey S, Aparna


    • Wright Locke Farm- 1st grade going tomorrow. Zoo is booked for the spring. Other grades are waiting for teacher feedback. 2nd grade is going to the MOS in the Spring. 3rd grade booked the Concord Museum. Will probably do the Jason Russell House in May. 4th grade would like to do the Nahant trip again this year. 


  • Fundraising - Mary-Beth: Maxima December 6th 10-8 20% back to the PTO.
  • Volunteer Engagement - Amalia: Posting lists of opportunities to volunteer on the newsletter. Have not yet gotten any bites. Dr. Connolly is looking into opportunities to volunteer in the classrooms. 
  • Safe Routes to School - Becky & Marloes


      • SRTS, MassBike, and Girl Scout Troop (Marloes's) are hosting a Lights Brigade on Monday Nov 20th at 4PM on the bike path on Lake St.  Anyone is welcome to join us in handing out FREE bike lights and I encourage folks to stop by for a free light (that is what a Light Brigade means).
      • We have recent contact with SRTS and teachers and are finalizing dates for pedestrian education for 2/3 grades and bike safety for 4/5 grades.  Officer Rateau may attend as well.  Does Linda want to attend?
      • We were able to work with the Arlington Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) to address the debris concern under the Route 2 overpass on Lake St brought up at the last PTO meeting.  Mass DOT will be out to clean and there was already a project proposed for fixing the underlying issue.
      • Office Rateau is working with town engineers again on the timing of the Lake St and bike path lights to relieve congestion.  He also let us know that there will be new school zone signage on Chandler and Brooks.  He will also have someone periodically patrol Brooks.
      • SRTS applied for anti-idling signs, stickers, and commitment cards through a state program called The Green Team.  They called and confirmed they will be sending us materials.  Becky has talked to Ron and we might get facilities to help affix the signs, but this needs further work.  Sign posts are about $35 from Uline. If folks have SRTS questions, please ask them to check the Hardypto.com website and email saferoutes@hardypto.com with questions.


  • Classroom Coordinator - Kate
  • SEPAC - Alison
  • Garden - Alham
  • Buddy Program - Megan
  • DIG - Michi: Trunk or Treat- Julia shared that a parent of a neurodivergent student raised a question about lighting/noise level/etc and wondering about how this event can be more inclusive next year. We were thoughtful about this on allergies, but can think about other aspects as well. 
  • Green Team - Emily





  • Spirit Wear - Ashley: 


      • Decisions to make:
        • Quantity: 50-99 in total (items combined)
        • Which shirts to offer: SoftTek was chosen
        • Colors: Will provide more mockups of the husky logo
        • Whether to include long sleeve t: yes


  • Craft Night - Julia/Becky - Dec 3: As low mess as possible! No glue or glitter. Focused on yarn, markers, beading, etc. Would be in the cafeteria. 
  • Teacher Appreciation - Pre-Winter Vacation: Last year was Butternut Bakehouse tea and hot cocoa bar. Can do something similar this year. 
  • Parent Coffee - Jan 17: In the cafeteria. Maybe a presentation or resources available as well. Having some content to present to parents. 
  • Carnival / Sports Day: Boys and Girls Club could maybe put together a basketball event. Sunday nights work for them (possibly January 21st or 28th).
  • Literacy Night?


  • Movie Nights: Dr. Connolly suggested February 2nd in the gym. Licensing is online and it takes about a week to be granted.


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