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Hardy PTO Meeting Agenda

April 25, 2024


PRINCIPAL’S REPORT (DR. CONNOLLY): Lots of outdoor time recently. Students would like to do some planting. Kennedy Museum field trip for 5th graders this week went well. All-school challenge egg drop will start in a week or so with recyclable materials. The final egg drop will be outside and the date will be dependent on weather. Will use tarps and Mr. Sliney will do the dropping of them. Been in touch with Gretchen Saunders, new principal. She came to the ice skating party. Grade level meetings are about getting ready for the end of the year. K-2 going to AHS for Frog and Toad play on May 13th. K has “tree expo” and Discovery Museum coming next week as well. Email on Monday morning about class placement. 



  • Kindergarten- teachers were invited to see the work children have been doing on trees. Children researched sugar maple trees, got to choose different trees to research in groups, and created paper collage trees. 
  • First grade- eggs came in, next step is looking into how to get other grades in to see what’s going on when chicks hatch.
  • Second grade- going to Drumlin Farm tomorrow. They have been observing mealworms and how they turn into beetles.
  • Third grade- writing persuasive letters. 
  • Fourth grade- observing mealworms. What makes them go through the cycle faster or slower? Discovery Museum came to Hardy on Tuesday. The program was called “Lights and Lasers” with activities and demos about lights and the light spectrum.
  • Fifth grade- talked about their trip to the Kennedy Museum. Got to go into a senate replica room, heard arguments about if the school day should be longer or not. Students got to share ideas, vote, and think about what it would mean if it was passed. 
  • PE- gymnastics and ninja warrior unit. 
  • PTO: Curious about any milestone anniversaries. We learned Ms. Fleming will reach 20 years this year.  We’d love to recognize folks with posts on Facebook and the PTO newsletter.
    • Midge needs to ask staff/teachers if they want that info shared and then can pass it on to the PTO


  • Hour of Code - Matt & volunteers
  • Treat Train - Patsy, Kelly, Julia
  • Skate Night - Doris, Kezia, John, Hardy the Husky, 5th grade parents and students 
  • Earth Day Crayon Collection- Emily
  • Hardy Sign - Annie
  • Chateau Fundraiser - Mary Beth, raised $95 


  • Treasurer Report 
    • Budget is healthy. We typically buy award winning books in the spring (around $1000-1200) and these books are distributed to classrooms.
    • Auction wishes have arrived, Parkour materials and paper, printer
    • Teachers had a few wishes we couldn’t meet - bulletin boards, shades
    • Becky has built budget for 5th grade items
    • What do we want to do with leftover money at the end of the year? We spend about $7000-7500 on supplies for the beginning of the year, so need this money to be carried over. With the amazon account, it’s easier for teachers to spend their stipend money. 
    • Dr. Connolly said that the School Committee (?) contacted the teachers about what was being purchased. This was around the EL curriculum materials. 
    • Would like Susie Smith’s feedback from teachers about what went well/what could be improved on for next year’s school supplies.
  • Arlington Ed Fund Grant: Katrina submitted the Parkour grant application last week, waiting for a response. Reminder to nominate teachers for AEF stars.  Dr. Connolly had a meeting this week about the LEGO Spike Sets. Some will go to 5th graders and others will be set up in the Library. SLC submitted a grant for music therapy.
  • Fundraising-  Linda offered a water bottle fundraiser ($5 for PTO for every $20 water bottle purchase). Thrive Day - Set for Friday, May 10.  Other options are 99s Restaurant (Mary-Beth has put in an inquiry about next year), Quebrada, Abbotts. Maxima fundraiser May 3rd. 


  •  President - need to think about voting for next year’s board and gather an election committee. Kate Allen will be on the committee. Ballot form by Google Doc and paper forms for people to vote. Needs at least 3 members, but not more than 5 per the bylaws. 
      • Also need to start thinking about PTO organization for next year, calendar of events, documenting process to reference for future years.
      • Dr. Connolly- would like to add school events to this as well. Check with Carolyn to get her calendar and input too, since she will not be here next year.
      • Would like some updates to the field trip guide. We can maximize the PTO spend if we look at the units in EL curriculum to line up field trips/enrichment to go with them. Susie Smith said 4th grade already knows their first unit will be poetry next year, so it would be nice to get a poet to come in and talk about what inspires them. 
  • Communications - Ashlin
      • Trying to understand the facebook algorithm and what is most popular. Commenting on posts may help to boost them so more people will see. 
      • Julia did a poll about the newsletter and got one response. Maybe try to do it as a facebook poll to get more responses? Do people look at it on their phones or computers? Should we not put flyers in to make it shorter? What are people clicking on? Got good feedback on flyers. Some people like having the paper copies. 
      • Parent asked about how to engage incoming kindergarten parents. Kindergarten screenings are June 17th and 18th possibly. PTO provided flyer to go in kindergarten packets. Discussed having a PTO coffee table outside to meet families. 
  • Safe Routes to School - 
    • One more walk May 1 but Becky and Marloes are out of town. Would need volunteers, Marloes is emailing 5th grade teachers. Will need to synch with Gretchen in the summer/fall - would like safety messages to come from principal 
    • Ashley attended zoom - new ideas - walking “bus,” which is when neighborhoods have “bus stops,” where kids meet up and walk to school together. Recommendation on ratio of chaperone parents to students. Might build more community if caregivers are responsible for more children than just their own. Same for children feeling comfortable going to other caregivers if they need help. Maybe we’ll get more kids walking and fewer cars. Maybe start putting it together for next year? SRTS has a step-by-step process for putting it together. 
    • Can have pedestrian training earlier in the year next year.
    • Becky would like to have a second bike rodeo in the spring next year.
    • Reminder for teachers to use their parking passes.  Neighbors near school are getting annoyed about parking on Brooks Ave. 
  • Enrichment - Julia
    • Arlington Education Foundation will be sponsoring another performance at the high school for K-3 (similar to Strega Nona last year) - free field trip May 13 - do teachers need coverage for lunch? Dr. Connolly said they do not need coverage. 
    • Kindergarten will have a visit from the Stone Zoo 
    • 1st grade - going to Stone Zoo
    • 2nd grade - Science Museum
    • 3rd grade - Jason Russell Museum, potential Math Circle enrichment
    • 4th grade - Northeast Marine Center
    • 5th grade - Boda Borg
    • Would like to plan for fall and new EL curriculum. Becky emailed Mary Ellen (literacy coach). Discounts for early and multiple bookings
  • Volunteer Engagement - Julia/Anthony - does anyone have time to do PTO play dates and/or caregiver coffee events?
    • Post in incoming Kindergarten facebook group about play date for summer. Could current kindergarteners invite incoming kindergarteners and have play date together?
  • Classroom Coordinator - Kate Allen - teacher appreciation week, end of year gifts, 5th grade clap out (all grades will be clapped out this year, quiet Hardy cheer to the 5th graders from the whole school).
  • Spirit Wear - Ashley (Julia) - Late in year to do a second spirit wear campaign. We can try to get an earlier start next year. Meanwhile could use Linda’s water bottle campaign as a seasonally appropriate spirit building opportunity.
  • SEPAC - Allison Babeau posted about the next meeting on Facebook. 
  • Garden - Alham - spring clean up and plantings late April/May - Alham will announce on Facebook 
  • Buddy Program - Megan - gave info to school Admin
  • DIG - Michi - need a new chair for 24/25 school year
    • Midge is seeing if we can host DEI folks for a coffee in May
    • Katrina is working on ideas and Abigael is interested to join
    • Should someone on DIG committee run for School Council so that that lens is always present? Julia will reach out to Abigael about this. 
  • Green Team - Emily - has anti-idling campaign materials on lobby table, she is working on a Friday clean up crew with Mr. Will from HASP to start in May 
  • Teacher Appreciation / Treat Train - Patsy (Julia)
    • Week of May 6th - Patsy, Jennifer, Rachel, Becky coordinating but volunteers needed.  Principal usually does one day and PTO does 4 other day.  Midge to provide cake on Friday (reminder about food allergies - need dairy/gluten free option)


  • Next few PTO meetings, tentative dates
    • May 16
    • June 6 - This will double as the election for next year’ s board positions but is the same day as field day - reschedule to June 4th?
  • School Council - waiting for applicants, Dr. Connolly has received 2 inquiries directly so far.
  • April 28:  Trash-Pick-A-Thon - Annie Clarke-Lauer
  • May 2: Hardy Arts Night - May 2.  Deb Fleming has asked for help setting up/cleaning up and advertising.
  • June 6th:  Field Day - Lisa Cleary 
  • June 7th:  End-of-Year Picnic/Play date - Julia/Anthony - idea: BYO Picnic to Magnolia, potential ice cream truck
    • Idea to subsidize ice cream truck for Hardy students since we won’t be spending money on a DJ. Julia will look into if a permit is needed for food at the park.
  • TBC - 5th grade activities - pizza party, clap out, etc - 5th grade parents handle with PTO paying from Skate Night and Trash-a-thon funds
  • TBC - STEAM Fest  - Alham - need to skip this year, will plan ahead next year. 
  • TBC - Hardy PTO Playdates - Volunteer Engagement?
  • Movie Night - cannot happen this year.  Let’s plan for 2 next year. Would be interested in what movie was selected in the original vote by the kids.

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