If you are a staff member or caregiver who has a PTO-related expense, please find the Hardy PTO reimbursement form here.


If you are a staff member looking for more information regarding your grants, Amazon account access, or subscription support, please find that information here.


If you would like to make a tax-exempt purchase for the Hardy PTO, you will need 2 exemption forms for the vendor:

ST-2 (as is)

ST-5 (fill in Vendor info on Part 3)

Procedures for Reimbursements

  • Electronic Adobe PDF copies of forms and receipts are appreciated.
  • Make purchases and save receipts. We will not be able to reimburse without receipts.
  • Please use the reimbursement form linked above.
  • Please email your form and backup documentation to PTO Treasurer Becky Gibree at treasurer@hardypto.com. If submitting multiple receipts, please provide a summary to show how the individual amounts sum to the total dollar amount requested.  
  • Checks will be distributed within a week of when we receive the request. Faculty checks will be distributed to individual boxes. Other checks will be returned to the Hardy School PTO Box unless otherwise requested. 
  • The deadline for submitting staff reimbursement requests is April 30. If special circumstances prevent you from being able to meet this deadline, please email the treasurer before December to request an extension. Examples might include a leave or a need to make purchases later in the year. Our only current exception is for the school nurse.

Please don’t hesitate to contact PTO Treasurer Becky Gibree at treasurer@hardypto.com with any questions.