Classroom Coordinators

Hardy caregivers volunteer as Classroom Coordinators for their student's class to facilitate communication with classroom families on behalf of the PTO, and help connect caregivers to each other and the class teacher. 


What do Classroom Coordinators do?

  • Assist (or recruit volunteers) when the classroom teacher needs parent/guardian help.
  • Communicate with class families on behalf of the teacher and PTO.
  • Collect and manage donations from class families for teacher gifts (such as winter holiday, Teacher Appreciation Week, and end-of-year).
  • Attending monthly PTO meetings is strongly encouraged. This can be in person or via zoom. If you cannot attend, please coordinate with the second classroom coordinator to make sure one of you attends.


How does it work?


Each classroom ideally has two coordinators. Together, you collaborate to split tasks and support the teacher, classroom, and PTO. Classroom Coordinators function as an extension of the PTO.


You’ll communicate with the teacher and other coordinators early in the year to learn how you can support the class. Each teacher has specific needs for their classroom. The PTO will provide you with a questionnaire for your teacher to get to know them better.


What are the requirements?


You do NOT need to be available during the school day. Some Classroom Coordinators are and some are not.


The time commitment varies from classroom to classroom. At a minimum you need to be able to:

  • Communicate regularly by email with the teacher and classroom families.
  • Attend monthly PTO meetings as often as possible, or have a coordinator partner who can attend.


Sign up here!


Please fill out this sign up genius once you get your student's class assignment.



Please see our Guidance for Classroom Coordinators.


Review the Massachusetts guidance on gift-giving for public school teachers and staff, available here.


Use this Questionnaire to learn your teacher's preferences for teacher appreciation activities.


Faculty wish lists are located here.




Our Classroom Coordinator facilitator is Kate Allen. For more information, please contact her at